Hire Me – Humorous Freelance Writing

“Humor can help brands cut through a cluttered marketplace.”

– Peter Mcgraw, co-author of The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny

Anyone can write an article for you. There are literally thousands of freelance writers out there who can give you a decent blog post or devotional. The problem is that you don’t want something decent. You want something that gets noticed.

Laughter gets you noticed.

You want to know what the last thing I shared with someone was? A video of a corgi riding on a horse’s back. You know why? Because that was some funny stuff. You want your readers to look at your content and say “That’s some funny stuff. I gotta share it.”

No matter what you need written, I can do it for you and I can make you laugh while doing it. Check out my portfolio to get a sense of some of the things I’ve written for clients here.

Portfolio: http://kaylamilam.contently.com

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Need more proof? Here’s some feedback from previous clients (You can read these reviews and more here):

I loved absolutely everything about it. Honestly, I didn’t even give a specific topic, more of multiple vague ones and she delivered EXACTLY what I was looking for and didn’t know how to explain. 100% recommend her and I’ll definitely be ordering content from this seller again.

Will definitely be ordering again! Seller goes out of her way to ensure a smooth transaction and provided a top notch article … just what I needed. Highly recommend!

Nice work. First time working with her and she delivered great content. I will come back again!

I always have on-time delivery and quality work. Hit me up if you need any kind of ghostwriting, articles, blog posts, devotionals, or any other content. I’m your girl.