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“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”
― Audrey Hepburn

Hey look! I’m a doctor now. You owe me a thousand dollars, please.

No, actually I’m a high school English teacher, duh. You could still give me a thousand dollars if you wanted though.

My name is Kayla and my primary goal is to make you laugh while learning a little something about life. I am a huge lover of comedy and I fully subscribe to the “spoonful of sugar” principle. It’s a whole lot easier to hear the truth if we’re all having a good time.

I like to write about a few different things because I believe that humans are complex and also because I am a nerd and I want to write about nerdy things. No matter what though, I keep it focused on Christ.

I try to give you a little heads up of sorts for some of my older posts – You can tell what kind of post each one is by the seriousness meter in the featured image – It’s the little thing at the corner of the picture that looks like this:

It’s cute right? I call him Fredrick. He does my taxes. Which may be why I keep getting calls from the IRS, but whatever. I trust him.

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Peace out, homeslice. ✌🏻

16 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Awesome awesome post on internet safety. I recently went through my daughter’s phone and oh the horror but eye opening experience. Let’s just say I’m glad I found out all that I did before anything drastic happened and you’re absolutely right about all these apps and how teens will find a loophole. I was there once but before social media and cell phones so i am afraid for our future generation and join you in warning parents to pls pls get involved. Check your teens phones and watch out for these secret apps. Their privacy is worth invading at this age. I got my daughter a journal and took away her phone and deleted all her social media acts..drastic? Maybe but I’d rather take these drastic measures than have something drastic happen to her.

  3. Hi Kayla! A few of my friends shared your article on their Facebook pages, and I thought it was very insightful and vastly important. As I read it, I found myself identifying with you in so many ways. I am also a strong Christian, a newlywed, a high school English teacher in California, and only 6-10 years older than my students. I get a look into their lives more than many do, as well, but I still find myself wanting to remain ignorant to some of these apps just because they make me so incredibly sad. However, I’d like to be more aware. Did you have them take a survey at the beginning of the year about social media? Did you have a conversation with them about it? I’ve discussed with my kids multiple times how much they need to be careful of what they do with social media, but I’d love to hear any ideas of how you’ve tried to reach them and teach them in this area! Thanks again so much for your article, Kayla!!

  4. Are you on Twitter Kayla? If so, I’d follow ya! I think it’s important to create a positive digital footprint as an example for my students. Funny, this month I blogged about Thinking before you comment and focusing on ethics. Thank you for your post, it was really thought provoking! God bless!
    @GwynethJones – The Daring Librarian

  5. Oh – and still laughing out loud over your Amazon Drone gifs.. Just HOW do you do that…? (My students would love for me to know…) BTW – my friend’s son is one of the engineers working on this. And he’s 12. Or maybe 25. (But it seems he should be about 12).

  6. Thank you for your article about internet safety. I’m also a Christian high school teacher but surely am not as cool and tech-savvy as you. 😉 Read through some of your blog and will share you “Engaged” item with our daughter who is engaged. Blessings to you, Kayla Nicole, as your students are certainly blessed to have you there for them!

  7. Kayla, I just discovered your blog and read the post on internet safety. I am a great-grandmother and retired school counselor. I shared this on FB. Parents and teachers should read this. I am also a blogger but basically stories from my past. I am about to rant about bullying!

  8. Thanks for your article on Internet safety with teens. (I reposted) as I too am a teacher and we “hear” about these apps etc plus I have a 15 and 12 year old. I try to be ahead of the game and check often on my daughter and what she is doing. I just remind her it’s because I care and love her, if I didn’t I wouldn’t take the time. I always appreciate articles like yours because it seems like these apps come out quicker than I can keep up with – so thanks!

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I was reading your article about the teenagers and the internet and started reading your posts. thank you for this one. It is something that I need to remind myself everyday. …I am a daughter of my Heavenly Parents, a daughter of my earthly parents, a sister to my siblings. a mother to my children and a grandmother to my grand children….I am so lucky to be able to be all these things.