Blippi Revisited – I Hate Him Less but Also More

HAPPY 2021! The world is crazy, right? We’re all spinning on an endless carousel of insanity and nobody will stop it even for JUST A SECOND SO I CAN GET A DANG FUNNEL CAKE but what are you going to do. I decided that what I am going to do is ignore everything like it’s my job (it most certainly is not) and write a part two to the most wildly popular post on my blog, Are You There Blippi? It’s Me, and I Hate You.

Seriously y’all, last month, my blog had over 4,000 hits. This is not a flex, because 3800 of those hits were just to the dang Blippi post. Not any of my well constructed, meaningful posts, not even any of my solid and perfect and should be going viral humorous posts. It’s the dang noncommital Blippi post where I talk about how weirdly in shape he is. This is my legacy. My mother is so proud. I even had someone write their own post in which they quoted me, called me half-hearted (fair enough), and then proceeded to compare Blippi with Trump’s America. I really hope he stretched before that reach, honestly. (Also, don’t @ me about that article. I read it, he makes some good points.)

Anyway, I wrote that post in the before times – way back in good old 2018. Blippi has done some growth, I have done some growth, and I now have a second child beginning to latch on to him.

It’s time to revisit my feelings on the Blippi.

First of all, yes, I have seen almost every video on his channel. My older son is now 5, my youngest is 1, and we are in the middle of a dang pandemic so all my kids do is watch tv. Don’t go calling CPS or anything, we play outside and I even attempt Pinterest worthy crafts about twice a month. They are always more work than they’re worth, as my five-year-old has the attention span of, well, a five-year-old. Shout out to my son’s preschool for still being able to have in-person care for me three times a week so I get at least some reprieve from “MAMA WATCH THIS” about 2304876435872603456 times a day.

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But so now, I get to watch copious amounts of Blippi. Does it sink or float? I GUESS WE’RE GONNA FIND OUT, HUH. I want to be fair – Blippi has improved somewhat. The Snowflake scavenger hunt? Actually pretty good. He thanked the people he worked with, he learned new skills, he played with kids, he taught us some things. He was grateful for the (spoiler alert) snowman craft that was given to him, ostensibly by the camera operator. I was pretty okay with that one.

Blippi and Hot RodBut now that I’ve seen so many of his videos, I have a whole new host of issues – Blippi makes jokes that I find genuinely funny?? Y’all ever seen Hot Rod? You know the part where he calls on the souls of the Animal Kingdom? Now watch Blippi learn skateboarding with Shaun White (skip to about 5:45). This is real and I took the screenshot myself. I made my husband pull up the Hot Rod clip because I didn’t believe it at first. GOLDEN.

And you know what else? This man is a certified forklift operator. No seriously. I don’t have proof (I tried) but watch this video and tell me Blippi has not been through OSHA training. This man knows what he’s doing.

Now, I know what you came for. As has been said, like a bazillion times in the comments of the other post, Blippi is a US Air Force veteran. I know, our very own Mr. Rogers. (btw, Mr. Rogers was not a veteran. The more you know.) I know a lot of veterans my age. Okay, I know some veterans my age. Maybe like two veterans my age. My point is that like, cool? It doesn’t make me feel any more charitable about his stupid goofy run or his absolutely manic little giggle. And I’m not allowed to be this mean to Blippi in front of my kids, in case you were afraid I was like, ruining their fun or something. Someday they’ll read my blog and their dreams will be crushed, but I have a few good years before then.

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Also yes, we know about the defecation video. No, you can’t find it online anywhere, and yes, he pooped on his naked friend. It’s really freaking weird, but who among us hasn’t ever done something completely disgusting and tasteless and put it out on the internet for everyone to see? Yes, Stevin John (Blippi’s real name) had a serious misstep once a long time ago. Y’all can stop telling me about it in the comments. It’s real bad, but it’s gone now, thanks to the superpower of lawyers. Crap happens.

There is also the Blippi the Musical scandal, and the extreme amount of merchandising, but those aren’t any different to me than the commoditizing of children’s entertainment as a whole. Looking at you, Disney, who tried to sell us a $20.00 Forky, who is literally TRASH. So here I am, two and a half years later, still feeling largely ambiguous about Blippi. I have warmed to him somewhat, though I do get the heebie-jeebies every time my child asks me to spend $25.00 on a sink-or-float kit at Target.

I’ll never fully understand why I feel so weird about Blippi I think, but for now, he is a pleasant diversion for my kids in an awful time for all of us. Can’t fault a guy for putting out consistent content for my home-bound kids. At least he isn’t Ryan’s Toy Reviews, which I will someday give my feelings about once I can talk about him calmly. (That kid makes me sad, and his parents make me mad, but I digress.)

Anyway here’s to hoping that 2021 is better than 2020, even when the first week of it seems even more bonkers than expected. Someday I’ll get to let my kids tumble around inside a germ-infested play place and enjoy my chicken strips in peace!

That is all.

32 thoughts on “Blippi Revisited – I Hate Him Less but Also More

  1. Hey Kayla, for the sake of your children have you changed your mind about Plippi? I could not disagree more when you say his content is consistent. Now, go to PBS Kids and see what is really consistent for kids. Or even Netflix, they’re full of consistent content, just take a bit of research, it cannot be that hard.

  2. I couldn’t put a finger on why I didn’t like Jared Fogle when his commercials first came out. But l was right. Children’s shows get irritating quick, but I suffer through them for da kids
    Blippy is the exception. I watched one episode and was like ‘nope, not in this house’. I didn’t know about his scat past or anything about him. I found him obnoxious and forced. I happened to see an episode where he was at some Playland and there happened to be kids there around him. Watching him, he seemed irritated the were being… well kids. Facial movements, change in his tone. It was obvious to me at that point: He doesn’t like kids. That sealed it, He just looked like a creep trying to make a quick youtube buck, at best. A creepy psychopath at worst.

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  4. While I typically refrain from reading blog articles, I must express my strong interest in this particular post and urge you to do so. Your writing style has truly impressed me. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

      1. Yes Ryan’s World and Kids Diana Show. She is connected to Ryan through the same production company. My daughter loves her and her brother and they push their merch like crazy! It makes me feel so uncomfortable. She has a video of her weighing herself and her brother stepping on the scale so she starts to work out more and watch what she eats so that the number on the scale goes down. This girl is like maybe 8.

  5. Check out his personal installation pages where he mentions his saturn birthday and a few people on there who understand the reference to Satan, Saturnian return. Then there is the photo of him with Jordin Sparks who has also taken an oath with the freemasons as she shows the vow of silence symbol in the photo with him. Freemasons/Satan’s minions only hang out with and associate with people who are part of it. I just feel that I need to speak out about it and let you know that this is WHY there is something you don’t like about him. A lot of people get this feeling about him. You are not alone. It is your Christian morals guiding you. Trust in that. Don’t let your kids watch this rot.

  6. Trust your gut instinct.
    If you dig deeper you will find he is a freemason and if you don’t know, Freemasons are a society within a society. They worship the devil and all that is twisted, evil and wrong in this world. They want our kids to be exposed to inappropriate things. He does so much stuff that no child should be seeing and doing. If you want your child to remain good, pure and innocent then switch off all of these “entertainers” because they are exposing them to a world of beliefs and practices that are not Christian to corrupt your kids.
    If you think I’m joking or being crazy… do your research.

  7. He’s totally a creepster. I too am waiting for the inevitable Blippi Gets Busted– I just hope it’s soon.

  8. We must all be here because we are confused or sick of blippi. I am. First, one son and now the other. At first I couldn’t be in the same room when he was on, then after my kids started singing along to the excavator song/train song etc., I thought okay. He’s all right. It’s been a couple years now. His behavior and antics make my pulse throb in random places like my eyeball and my forehead. I keep saying, why does he never interact with anyone? Kids? Bakers? Warehouse workers? It’s just always BLIPPI! We’re on a hardcore moratorium. Phasing this dude out.

  9. I’d like to mention that I do not have kids, but my 4 and 2 year old nephews and I love in the same household. They’ve been watching Blippi for about a year now, ever since my brother in law put on the fire station video as a joke to annoy my sister and I without realizing that it would suck his kids into the Blippi cult-following…

    At first we found him extremely annoying. Then we found the little bits of hidden humor (Look! It’s a vacuum from the 1700s!!! :D) and actually started enjoying his videos a little bit.

    But recently I’ve been noticing something. At first it was just his inability to clean up or close doors behind himself. But in a few videos, he actually seems to be encouraging violence…

    In a recent video, where he opens cardboard boxes around a field and plays with the contents, he discovers water balloons.

    Next thing we know, there is a women onscreen across from Blippi, getting pelted with balloons by him, with none of her own to fire back, exclaiming “ah! oh! ooh!” on impact while Blippi laughs gleefully. And to top it off, the background music is interrupted by whacking and punching sounds… Really?

    While this IS the most extreme example I’ve found, it is still very worrying. Anyone else growing concerned whether Blippi is a good influence or not?

    1. My first thought on that one was your exact point, but I realized that the real issue of why she could not pelt him back with those woefully inadequately filled water balloons is because of his mic-pack. There were tons of other issues with it, like the fact that they obviously tried to do a one take and didn’t give a care to the wind. But this isn’t the MOST disturbing thing.
      The worst thing I saw was the elephants in that same video. They were… pleasuring each other with their trunks. You can see that I’m not lying, it’s here at
      There’s also his show, where in season 2 episode 19, he leaves a kid in a lambo in a carseat to go off and play. It then cuts scene to blippi going to a woman’s house and she asks if he’s the handyman, because she needs him bad. :O How about when he has his fly down for his whole video.

      I can’t make these up.
      I don’t know if I should look at this like I look at the inappropriate jokes I missed as a kid on the shows I grew up on, or if should actually be concerned. I get it, I could be over-reacting, but… I don’t know.

      I mean… I was Army. As one vet looking at another, NBD. The video where he spews liquid diarrhea on his buddy ( shouldn’t have to say NSFL, NSFW) was HILARIOUS. SICK, but HILARIOUS. But I expect a different level of professionalism from a content creator who is owned by Moonbeam (who owns littlebabybum, cocomelon, and more). He has 9 zeros on his check. I’d like to believe he can afford great production.

      Am I over-exaggerating? I mean… please, some one tell me I am. Please someone tell me I’m not seeing what I’m seeing.

    2. The colors orange and blue scream pedophile. Same colors are on that bread bakeshop on Netflix, where the young milk carton named Wilk, looks like he’s peeing into a cap for a stray sausage dog.. my toddler is obsessed with these creepy shows because the same money that hot rid of his defacting video, is the same money that markets this crap. He is rude and disrespectful. He definitely promotes violence and gives off a bad vibe. Going beyond just a bad influence. Before knowing about his defacting video, I heard him say his name for the first time. He emphasized pp, for one. And two, here’s a stretch but the creepy weirdo fits it with the deleted video…. “I PP In Little Boys.” I mean, there’s 800,000 babies and children trafficked in America and the whole world turns their cheeks because it’s a nice distraction..with his past, there’s no doubt about it now. When you have enough money to do anything, you get bored. And clearly they’re all bored.

  10. Honestly, I can’t stand the guy. He makes me cringe and my 2 year old daughter LOVES him. I get the weirdest vibe from him and I just can’t shake it. If I have to watch him make popsicles again, I’m going to cry. My daughter doesn’t understand why I can’t put an entire watermelon in our blender 😒 I know he’s technically not the worst thing on YouTube, but to me he is 🤣 And I’ll never get past the poop scandal. I know we all do stupid things but that’s just another level in my opinion. And hey, whatever floats your boat, but also now you’re a character for children so…ew.

  11. I saw the Blippi episode of chocolate and the ending was disturbing. He sat in the middle of kids who were eating ice cream- a boy eating a banana ice cream and a girl eating a long chocolate ice cream. I just couldn’t help but think that perverts out there are getting a kick outta that. That shit is not ok.

  12. For me it’s the lying to kids. My three year old is now convinced legless lizards exist and some snakes aren’t really shakes and that sunscreen is edible. Why is nobody else talking about this? She snuck into the bathroom in the middle of the night after I tried to tell her you don’t eat sunscreen and ate sunscreen because Blippi did it with a mayo packet and never addresses the fact he was pretending. That was a fun ER visit. Not.

    1. How about when he was literally playing with toys in the street! It takes all the effort I have to hold my kids hands walking through the parking lot to the food store, all the while explaining how we NEVER play in the street or near cars, only to come home and watch Blippi play with a backhoe in the road! Don’t ask me what episode but I know it’s true because I was screaming about it to my wife while it was happening LOL I understand that he’s new but I think someone needs to watch the little things like that they could give a bad lesson. Granted the sunscreen thing was funny but for adults and no two-year-old understood what the mayonnaise was all about. At the same time blippi does ride a pretty mean jet ski.

    2. I found this post (well the predecessor to it) because I literally googled “I hate Blippi”. I can sympathise entirely. I can’t even put a finger on why I think Blippi is a closet psychopath but I have a feeling it’s in his eyes. No joke. They’re just weird! And that creepy giggle, ugh! And why is his voice like two octaves too high? He does strike me as the kind of guy (my kid is watching Blippi right now and um, he’s just started the Napoleon Dynamite dance…!?) who indeed would poop on his naked friend. My wife actually put a ban on Blippi with our previous toddler and she also could not say exactly why she hated him (Blippi, not our toddler). I anticipate the day the inevitable “The Dark Truth about Blippi” video pops up in my YouTube feed.

    3. Yeah, actually I saw that one. I remember being like “Uhhh? Kiiiiids? We don’t do that in Australia, okay??”

      1. Ok, now I am actually confused. My comment about not doing that in Australia was meant to be a reply to someone else’s post about Blippi eating the “sunblock” and not making it clear that it was a joke.

  13. Hi, found your blog just by chance. I feel you with the whole can’t quite put my finger as to why I don’t like Blippi. My 3 year old wants to visit every single 1 of the play parks she sees on his videos (send help). She also loves Ryan toy review ( rolling eyes). I would love love to read your thoughts on him and his family. Hopefully soon!

    1. my kids are addicted to blippi but hes soooo annoying, drives me nuts. We try watch captain bobbo instead, made by a couple of ozzys and slightly more bearable

  14. The problem I have with Blippi isn’t really derived from his content – I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old. My 5 year old discovered these videos around the age of 2. We are still watching these videos.

    Yes, the newest videos have dramatically increased in production value. I don’t technically have a problem with the show… but I AM SICK OF WATCHING IT. I can quote every episode. I sing the songs absent-mindedly. I cannot stand that this show’s content takes up so much real estate in my head.

    Responding to Johnny, the first comment on this blog – I think you’re being a bit extreme here. Yes, he’s not a licensed educator, but that is not to say that my kids have not learned from this show. It’s entertaining in that it keeps children’s attention with his antics, but the content is not the monster you’re trying to depict. I grew up on Looney Tunes and I turned out fine. Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry were bashing characters heads in and killing things every other episode. Blippi is teaching my kids about colors, different jobs, and (especially during a pandemic) reminding them of the fun to be had at play places and museums.

    To sum it up; I like this blog post. We may have different reasons why Blippi drives us mad, but ultimately it’s the same. He’s a nut, and he’s definitely established a method for generating revenue (and I can’t blame the man for it) and he’s not a terrible influence on my children, but goodness I am ready to retire from the Blippi Era.

  15. So after having read all of the comments re: love/hating on Blippi, I’ll offer my opinion as a parent of a 3yr ild whonkust discovered this phenomenon… I do not like nor do I approve of most of the content. As others have noticed, this is not educational; he is a diactractuon/tv consumption, toy-pushing, click-baiting, ad revenue’ing opportunist. This things I can understand from a consumer’s perspective; however, in a parental, personal level, his behavior is abhorrent. He’s a buffoon, a hyper-clownish imbecile on screen, and above all he is not an educator nor seems to have ever consulted any. It’s pure screen noise with no educational benefit to my child. The common theme I read from those praising him is that it “distracts” their children… not a reason or excuse to park our kids’ brains into TV screens. And yes there is way better content for developing minds. That said, other parents’ kids have introduced these videos to my son & I’ve had to intentionally limit his consumption to a few songs on a playlist & a few ‘shows’ just about tractor, construction & farm equipment – and that’s it. Although I find it worthless content, I won’t deny my son some *limited entertainment via songs that actually do teach him new words & phrases, but like all media for kids these days, we all have to be vigilant about its impact 👍🏼

    1. Such a great read! Tonight I sat with my son watching the Blipster, and I couldn’t shake the yucky feelings I had for him despite the benign antics. So I was off to search the internet and the first thing I read was your blog. Thanks for the sanity boost. Hilarious!

      1. Blippi sucks because he’s not very good at what he does, at least compared to other children’s entertainers. I’d bet he has zero education in early child development (unlike, say, Mr. Rogers or The Wiggles). Moreover, and I think this is his greater sin, he’s not that funny. Pee Wee’s Playhouse, for example, was great, because Paul Reubens is a professional comedian.

        Blippi is a guy that puts together all the ingredients of a kid’s show, but it never seems “right.” He imitates the successful creators, but doesn’t really have the talent to distinguish himself.

        In short: he’s a “try-hard,” a generic Great Value version of other, more entertaining children’s performers.

        And that poop video is totally still out there; I have seen it with my own eyes. It is burned into my memory for all eternity.