– the New Enabler of my Spiral Notebook Addiction

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I have two different notebooks I’m working through right now. (That’s them in the picture – the middle one is a planner, I promise!) And maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s because I finally narrowed it down to only two. I used to have way more until I realized I could never possibly fill up ten notebooks with information even if I wrote every stupid thought that came across my brain space. Nobody is ever going to want to look back at my old notebooks and read my daily to-do lists or a written rant about the time I was a day late to the Grocery Outlet sale on tiny York Peppermint Patties.

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ANYWAY, the real reason I love spiral notebooks is that I love the look and feel of handwriting.

I love using a nice pen and actually forming my words by hand. I’ve gotten super into prayer journaling lately, and I think it really helps me stay focused on what I’m praying about.

Sometimes I still get distracted, and that’s okay. I just jot down whatever thoughts are threatening to steal my attention away so that I know I can come back to them later. My most recent prayer journal reads like this

Prayer prayer prayer,

  • Asher tuition
  • health insurance

Prayer prayer

I mean… there’s real prayers in there obviously, but you get my point. And I find that if I really like the thing I’m using, I want to use it more. When I bought my fancy red Swingline stapler, I wanted to staple ALL THE THINGS. When I bought my sweet metallic colored gel pens, I write everything in gold and purple shiny writing. Maybe I’m childish for it, but whatever. I like to like my stuff.

So when I found these notebooks on you can imagine how stoked I was.








This is like just 6 of hundreds though. And it’s definitely worth mentioning that Redbubble has a ton of other cool stuff too, like iPhone cases, baby onesies, t-shirts, stickers… whatever your little heart desires.

So anyway, 10/10 I love the quirky, indie artist supported stuff from Redbubble. Check it out for yourself.

That is all.

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