Are You There Blippi? It’s Me, and I Hate You

If you have children, you know that they have a tendency to really latch on to something and it becomes obsessive pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s a movie (ours was Trolls for a while), a song (We Know The Way from Moana), or a concept (my child gets totally stoked whenever he sees or hears a train). This newest thing my kid is into, Blippi – I just don’t totally know how to cope with it.

His name is Blippi and he makes YouTube videos. He seems like he’s probably my age, but he plays with toys and teaches lessons and visits kid places… and like cool. He’s wholesome. There’s nothing wrong with Blippi. I’ve watched every single video my child has watched and so far I can’t find a single real complaint. I just… He weirds me out a little? At first I was 100% convinced that this dude was a youth pastor just trying to work out his side hustle. He’s got that hipster-y, single dude who takes your kids to convention vibe. (No offense to youth pastors, I just have this idea that every single one of you is actually this guy) But… he’s not a youth pastor. He’s like some random dude that created a personality and I don’t know if that’s better or worse.

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And okay fine. Asher was watching him the other day and wanted to eat fruit because Blippi was eating fruit. Ugh one for Blippi. Then Blippi was teaching all about stranger danger and got my kid to say “no strangers”. Whatever. Two for Blippi. Then We watched this video where he’s going around a playground gathering things and he’s so like… weirdly in shape? Like I couldn’t even do the monkey bars that well when I was a 90 pound kid?? Watch the first 5 minutes of this and see what I mean.

The problem is that there is actually no real problem here. And to be fair, maybe regular people are actually in shape enough to do that stuff and I just have no concept of what that’s like. His videos are educational, my kid loves them, they’re well done and safe to watch. So whyyyy do I still have such mixed feelings about him? I don’t know man. Like if I met him in real life I don’t know if I’d smack him right in his overenthusiastic face or kiss him right on the mouth for distracting my kid long enough to let me cook dinner In peace. Either way he would very likely make his mind up about me, and probably block me from his YouTube channel, creating a permanent rift between me and my 2-year-old, so I guess let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Here’s to at least another two years of simmering animosity toward a YouTube personality that just wants to make money off my kid by being wholesome.

That is all.

116 thoughts on “Are You There Blippi? It’s Me, and I Hate You

  1. I believe he was in the military, so that explains his physical capabilities. However, I get it. I don’t like the episode where he throws gravel at the playground (something we are always telling kids NOT to do) or the one where he pours the hot sauce on his tongue. Or the one where he washes a truck and squirts the ketchup and mustard on his face. Like…why. WHY?! Thankfully we are out of the Blippi phase.

  2. At first I didn’t mind my daughter watching him, but after a while I found it very odd watching a grown man play with toys by himself, and after I watched him roll around on the floor for 5 minutes like some mentally ill person I thought that was enough. I found it kind of odd he didn’t have any kids of his own, either. He’s just doing it for the money, he doesn’t care about your kids mental well-being. There is much better children’s programming out there.

  3. I found this by searching- “Is blippi a nonce?”

    I am with the majority of you guys- he totally creeps me out. 100% jimmy saville. Would not be surprised if he was banned from working with children, hence no kids around him ever.
    “Woah!” 🤦🏼‍♂️ I f*cking hate this guy.
    I told my daughter he kidnaps children and a he still watches it. Lol.

    Fair play to him. Made his money.

    1. Blippie is ok but he teaches kids to touch everthing without any precautions which is very dangerous nor does he teach them about dangerous object or materials so my son thinks it’s ok to touch any and everything even after he is told not to. He also mimics him by flipping and yelling while touching spilling and squirting everything in the house. He should teach about how to clean up after they touch everything.

      1. Exactly THIS. There is so much that he does without caution or warning which could result in kids copying him and hurting themselves.

        My boy loves Blippi but there are certain episodes I won’t let him watch. There’s one where he goes to a scrapyard to literally crush a car but before doing so he smashes a watermelon with a sledgehammer. He then attempts to smash a car up using a hammer. Neither of these actions are preceded with a warning so really, what’s the message he’s trying to send, or what’s he trying to teach? Then he goes onto paint and spray paint the car before crushing it. My boy watched that episode once and just wanted to crush stuff. Good job, Blippi

  4. Yep, he weirds me out too. Something’s definitely not right. The poop video could be it, but it might also be just be the tip of the iceberg. Intuition never lies, guys. And the fact that so many of us are getting the same vibe is alarming.

  5. When I first heard of Blippi, i was thinking that it would actually be something like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which was his goal. But . . . just nope. My brother Isaac LOVES Blippi. I’ve met him 5 times over the last year. He’s pretty nice, but all i have to say is . . . just ARGGHH that the character is so annoying. He didn’t really achieve his goal. Too bad for him. He’s good at entertaining though. I showed my aunt and she laughed the whole time. The guy is a millionare, which is pretty amazing for a guy that obviously has no clue what he is doing. lol at BLIPPI!!!

  6. You’re all going to hell for letting your kids watch Blippi. Because clearly you’re all way better and should definitely make your own kids show to prove it. I mean how can anybody be as perfect as you?


  7. Why is nobody talking about his fly is open for literally the entire video when he is at the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale? Didn’t his camera crew let him know? Couldn’t they have re-shot it? It is very obvious – not subtle at all. When my husband and I saw that, we began to become concerned.

    1. As a concerned parent, I did too notice that his pants zipper was down the entire episode.. I just happen to be viewing with my 3 yr old grandson, as he wanted me to see the fish. I noticed the zipper down ..but wanted to make sure I was seeing what I saw…I continued watching to my went on for the entire episode.. I was very disturbed that no one let alone the production house necer caught that. Shame on them.

      Not a Blippy fan..

      1. So nobody makes the steaks and things don’t happen just like when there’s a dick on side of an aerosol can when we were kids and no one caught that or all the Disney stuff that’s perverted with dildos and everything else sexual The Wizard of Oz but you let your kids still watch Disney stuff quit hating on a guy who is doing good things for little kids in this generation grow up you’re just mad you’re not making money a

    2. Blippi did a poop video before he was Blippi. He tried to go viral before. He managed to get all videos scrubbed but you can find a screen shot on internet archive.

      1. He admitted to this and said “everybody has a past”. And he’s right. We have all done stupid things. Hypocritical unrighteously judgmental world.

    3. Um yea I saw that same one last night and got really creeped out on it because his fly is open the entire time except for when he’s around the workers. Then I noticed he kept emphasizing “big” and “small” and one part he was putting a helmet on saying how it was a “tight fit” and another thing on the same episode freaked me out because at one point he was looking at the fish and you could see a creepy reflection of a guy and he looked like a real creeper. My son likes it but I’m not a fan at all and I won’t “trust” Blippi…

    4. Also in the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale where his fly is down the whole time its like the camera person knew because most of the time when it was down the camera was set pretty low like they wanted it to be the focal point go watch that one if you got anything negative to say. Its fuckin weird!

  8. This guy has creeped me out since the first time my son stumbled upon one of his videos. Call it educational all you want, it doesn’t hide the fact that this guy gives me a very bad feeling. I’m not one for ignoring a mother’s intuition so I tend to stop my son watching Blippi’s videos. Give it a few years, something is gonna come out about this guy (apart from the video already mentioned). I’m calling it now.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. In the mean time I’ve watched every single video my daughter has and there is absolutely nothing that leads me to stop her from watching.

  9. So I came home last weekend from work and this guy was playing on the TV. Cute. I thought nothing of it. The next day my almost 3 year old daughter said “Mommy I want to watch blippi” I didn’t recognize the name so I went to the watch history and there he was. “Oh… that’s the guy another mom told me about.” My daughter wanted to watch it and I figured I had found someone to save me while I make dinner. (She’s not really a tv person- except when my husband puts her in front of the tv after a long day while I’m at work) I watched with her a while & I approved. Googled this guy to learn about him— long story short—- he used to make gross videos years ago- one of them where he literally explosive shits on his naked friends naked ass— as per a few websites, one of them buzfeed I believe? He apparently filed some suit to block the video from appearing on the internet or something sketchy af thing like that. In short: my child isn’t watching this degenerate freak. Parents you have been warned. Google it. This guy is a sicko.

    1. Hilarious! He was also in the military! Serving his country. He made a dumb video being dumb with some friends. All of you who bash him are not giving your child to have the opportunity to learn and take in all the great things blippi has to offer. My son just turned 2 about 2 weeks ago. He can almost count to ten, has most of his abc’s down, knows all of his colors and will tell you all about a engine and gas. Blippi is a huge part of that. So as far as the nasty video that was made when him and some other friends decided to be dumb I can only say we all were young at one point and made some dumb mistakes. We are all human and give the guy some credit for trying to remove it from the web. Obviously it’s something he is not proud of. Hahaha and for everyone talking crap about him just wanting to make money… big deal!! Y’all pay baby sitters to watch your kids and here you got a free option to have blippi keep your child busy while they learn and you get a chance to straighten up your home or what ever task you need to handle. Yes that’s right!! He has tons of free videos,

  10. I just found this by googling “I hate Blippi” lol. I am so tired of him and I think my 3 year old has seen each one of his videos. They have improved over the years, but what bothers me is his grammar and the misspellings on the pop up words on his videos. I swear there’s one in every other video, even in his most recent one (the bakery). Granted my child can’t read yet, but I can and it drives me crazy. Who is writing these and editing the videos? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Blippi himself because he doesn’t seem very bright. I feel like he’s just someone that got lucky with his videos becoming popular and he just rolls with it for the money, but the vibe I get is that he doesn’t WANT to be doing this for a living. I would like to see him do a video of giving back to the community, by making some sort of donation, visiting sick children, etc.

    1. I got here the same way! My problem is that it doesn’t seem like he plans his episodes beyond just deciding where to go. Also, his personality seems SO contrived. Like, I don’t think he’s secretly a monster, but he’s the kind of adult I hated as a kid because everything they said was so obviously patronizing. It’s better than the rando overdubbed foreign cartoons my son for done reason loves, but not by much.

      1. Jaclyn made the comment blippi can’t spell. You seemed to feed off of her post? Looks like your spelling is off also. Hmmmm. Nobody is perfect. Just saying.

    2. Thank you! His videos are supposed to be educational and yet words are terribly misspelled constantly. It drives me crazy! And I get the feeling blippi doesn’t even like kids. He’s always so awkward and weird around them. I wish I’d never heard of him.

  11. Some of you need to examine your own selves. Ya’ll are judgmental and petty. I am sure that some of you do not exactly have a squeaky clean past and did some really dumb stuff. I venture to say some of you even broke the law. A person’s past should not define who they are. Until you actually have any real evidence that the man has nefarious intentions, you should just keep your thoughts to yourself. Can not believe the level of jealousy and pettiness of some of these comments. As far as making money off the whole thing, who really cares. He is busy savvy and I am sure any of you would take the opportunity to make money. Those saying he is fake need to realize it is an act. NOBODY in their right mind thinks that this is who he really is. Blippi has managed to capture the attention of kids with his videos. My own son has learned tons from him and his videos have helped him build vocabulary and he knows thinks most 4 years old do not. Get over yourselves and quit being so judgmental.

    1. There are so many toddler oriented pages on YouTube. How many of those pages are disliked by some as Blippi? yes, not many and you know why? because none are as freak as Blippi. so your jealousy card doesn’t work, he has something off, creepy even, you must watch his videos with your brain and you’ll see. Many don’t realize it because they use his videos as babysitter while they do their own stuff but we refuse to let our kids watch just anything.

      1. My 3 year old knows so much stuff from watching him. And to be honest Blippi is a character and I’ve watched most of his videos with my son and none of his videos have anything inappropriate. He puts in effort and travels everywhere just to go to new places for his videos. All he does is teach a lot of different things. My son is only 3 and knows so much about excavators, tractors, boats, cars and so much other things most 3 year old don’t know. When I watch his videos all I see is a guy trying to talk to children. As parents if we see anything inappropriate in his videos we won’t let our children watch him. But all I see is very educational things. I work from home so often my son watches him when I try to get things done and I don’t mind at all.

        1. There is educational stuff in his videos but he also sends the wrong message to kids in a lot of his videos. There’s the car-crushing episode which basically encourages kids to hit stuff with hammers. There’s an episode where he’s repairing stuff and is under a kitchen sink, messing with pipes and what not. He doesn’t discourage kids from copying him in these videos. There’s an episode where he tells kids to “never stop wandering” when really, I don’t want my kid wandering one day and getting lost. There’s an episode where he eats food off a plate like a dog.

          So while yes, he can be educational, I also think he can be a bit wreckers. Kids are very impressionable so he should be making more effort to discourage his viewers from doing certain things.

  12. I found this in a google search of, “I hate Blippi”. I cannot agree more but he is a total creep in my opinion. And once I read the “grooming” comment, I am 100% sure this is my mommy intuition also. I mean having a personality is fine and educating children is fine, even dressing up is cool. But he acts and talks like he is a child as well which is not necessary. I rather adults act like adults and perhaps interact with children. I’ve noticed most of his videos involve him playing alone, I wonder why. I can guarantee if someone came up to my kid acting that way, I would not allow them around him. hahaha. Anyway, I agree, I have a hate for Blippi whether it is warranted or not, can’t help it.

    1. he talks like a child yes. if your a mother you would know that kids like being talked to like that. or do you just treat them like an adult? no kids need to be kids growing up. thats why everyone talks to their kids like that. it makes them happy

      1. I do not talk like a child to my child. There is no reason to infantilize your communication to a kid – it stunts their development

      2. Actually, no, I don’t speak to my child like I am also a child. I speak to my child on his level with words he can easily understand but I do not change my voice to sound like a child and he seems to be ok with that. The only time I think “talking like a child” may have come into play was when they are actually infants and I’m working to get them to coo. I sing songs, play, and talk normally with my child and has just as much fun.

  13. My intuition also gets a bad vibe. I discovered him while babysitting. Personally I think it is weird for adults to pretend to be best friends with children. In real life, his actions (especially his playing in the park video) would come across as grooming. Who knows his intention, but that’s why I don’t like him. Don’t teach children to trust overly hyper and childish adults like him.

    1. I honestly didn’t even consider the grooming aspect, but now I’m even more ooked I think? Good point about teaching your children about who to trust.

  14. As a parent I agree.. However I can’t hate on someone (Stevin John) who made a character and has a net worth of $20 million based on its success. Jealous more like it!

  15. I agree with this blog, he looks fake. At the beginning didn’t care my son was watching this, then I saw a video where he sees a Hexagon and he calls it Pentagon, the problem is that he takes a second look to it, probably realize his mistake but doesn’t correct it, so after this I gave extra attention to his videos and noticed his creepiness stated on this blog, he does a lot of mistakes and some bad behaviors like the water balloon fight with a work mate or when he picks on a hammers and start smashing a car.
    Blippi is addictive to toddlers but also not completely healthy.

    1. he is fake. hes dressing up cuz some children laugh at goofy things and he dresses goofy. kinda like hes playing dressup. his intention is acting like a kid to get their attention so they can learn

    2. Haha jus saw that too, was like whaaat?! I woulda dubbed it later at least. And kayla hits it spot on something creepy goin on there…

      1. I don’t know exactly what is off or awkward about it. Could be he is just a poor actor not really well scripted or disingenuous. There is also one ice cream truck episode where all the names of the flavors are spelled weird. Igdi.

  16. He creeps me out too. I literally could have wrote what you just wrote because it’s exactly how I feel. Intuition screaming something is off with him.

  17. I work for a PBS member station. We have an entire schedule of kids shows developed to address actual educational concepts. And the programming is available to all viewers who can receive the signal or visit PBS Kids free of charge.

    I read an article in Forbes that said that after extensive market research, the man whowportrays Blippi ho Bli “realized that there was a void in the marketplace for free, high-quality children’s educational content.” So that kind of irritated me.

    I also know a kids host in the PBS system who tell kids to turn off the TV, go outside, read a good book, use their imaginations and eat good food. Blippi’s reminder on how to spell his name in every video drives me crazy.

  18. Blippi served in the united states air force and has children of his own. Blippi is an alright guy and works really hard for his videos. This is upsetting because its just pointless and mean.

    1. Look up Sleezy Grossman -that was Blippi a few years ago. He did disgusting stunts including dedicating on another nude adult and more. He’s CREEPY! That said my twin 18 month olds LOVE him. We watch together and I limit it. He makes mistakes and says a few weird things (get your hands moist) etc. but nothing overt. He does seem off and I wouldn’t leave my kid alone with him/

      1. Who cares about his Sleezy Grossman character? MTV made an entire genre out of that sort of behaviour with Jackass and Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, etc became household names.

    2. Agree he does things for make a wish as well for kids. Just because he acts goofy he’s not ok? Maybe that’s what kids like my kid does and he loves learning from him we are all human. Jared from the subway commercials got in trouble for kid porn and porn but no one thought he was weird at first right. Lol

  19. He used to do nasty videos. Look up the harlemshakepoop…. once u see it,you wont want your kid watching this freak

    1. I literally just looked that up and then this was my next click…. my kid is sitting here watchung it right now, and she’s about to get real upest when i take it away!!!!

  20. He actually made the videos for his knephew since he thought there weren’t any educational videos out there that can teach different things.

  21. I think it’s so weird that you found a way to vilify BLIPPI lol. He in fact does teach good values to kiss, while encouraging them to BE KIDS. Which is why or children are so drawn to him. I think maybe you were just going to use his name to gain reads in your blog. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. I think it is the lifeless, soulless void in his eyes. His words are good, the music is catchy, but when you watch, his facial expression doesn’t match.

    1. He’s weird and his goal is creating an empire/money. He teaches kids to act really wound up. He’s a total spaz. Sure they learn to count but the other day he showed them where the gas and oil go on a lawn mower. Sure he mentioned a grown up should probably help but seriously why a lawn mower? Look at a truly iconic children’s program hero like Mr. Rogers and imagine him behaving like this guy. Oh did you know his previous you tube fame was for pooping on his buddy and making gross out videos? Sure he apologized but if you love him, go right on loving him. I’m going to take a hard pass on letting my kids watch him and encourage parents to do more research. Just because a child is mesmerized doesn’t equal healthy.

      1. Totally agree. Blippi is trying to pass himself off as an educator when in reality there is little education going on – and even that is incidental. Blippi is not making an effort to teach. If he were, then there would be more consistency in the content he produces. (one video he’s telling how kids how to count, the next video he’s describing how to use power tools.)
        From the very first second you can tell that Blippi is not trying to set a good example and show kids how to be responsible adults. Just look at how he takes of his shoes and flings them away whenever he walks into an indoor playground. Compare that to Mr. Rogers who playfully, but carefully put his things away.
        I wish youtube had the option to block ALL content from certain creators.

  22. If you look into it, blippi first created the fires under a different name for his nephew as he didn’t like the things he was watching so he thought it would be good to try some actually educational videos, he did not plan for it to take off like it did, it was originally meant for 1 little boy… his nephew who he adores. But it took off so he ran with it and now it is his full time job. I never thought I’d be ok with any of my children following a YouTube channel, but Blippi has my vote hands down.
    I understand your concern, but before posting things about him as a person, do a little research, he is ex-military and didn’t plan for blippi to be his full time job but ran with it for the kids. Good on him for doing videos that actually teach children things. No one is perfect and no one can please 100% of the audience.
    If you don’t like his videos then maybe find some others for your child that you are happy with.

  23. He totally reminds me of a live version of Sid the Science Kid and Justin Timberlake all rolled into one. The over-the-top actions and the voice drives me crazy, so I feel ya there. But, it’s hard to stop watching!

  24. What I find most interesting about this post is your lack of knowledge on Blippi himself. He was suggested to me by a friend, my son loved him, so I looked him up. He started the show because he noticed there was a lack of good, YouTube content for his nephew. Every one of his decisions was well researched to create a show kids would relate to. You think he’s annoying? Well, you’re an adult, so it’s not geared toward you. Why would you allow your child to watch something that creeps you out and not find out what it means?

    Also, this bias toward a man is sexist. A woman doing the same thing would be seen as nurturing in some way. A man making content for kids is seen as creepy? That’s some serious gender bias.

    As for “pushing his brand” … come on! He’s supposed to make this content, upload it, and not ask for continued support by those who view it? Don’t be so naive.

  25. I think Blippi is great!! I don’t see anything sinister or creepy about him, he has just found a way to earn mega bucks through annoying but weirdly catchy songs and educational videos. If anything I think you all should be grateful he’s there to entertain your kids while you get stuff done! The world today has become so butt hurt and PC about everything. Personally I think Barney the dinosaur was a hell of a lot creepier than Blippi! #TeamBlippi 😀

  26. I think blippi is great!! I don’t see anything sinister about him, he has found a way to earn big bucks and that’s through kids and their YouTube obsession. I’m guttered I didn’t think of it first!! I think everybody these days are to butt hurt and pc about everything and bubble wrap their kids. It’s harmless kids videos and if anything you should all be thankful he’s there to entertain your kids while you get stuff done. To be honest I think barney the dinosaur was far more creepy! 🤔

    1. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks he’s kinda hot! 😂 My son LOVES Blippi. I don’t think he’s weird at all. My son has learned a lot from watching Blippi. We teach him a lot too but once he sees Blippi doing something, he’s got it down pat

  27. Im surprised noone is pointing out that the reason Blippi is annoying is his lack of genuinity. His laughter, smile, voice, moves, everything he does is creepingly fake and annoying. But strange enough children dont care about that, which is the big red flag to all parents: children are easily fooled and manipulated. Im not saying he is harmful in any way, though I wonder why a healthy adult person would act so un-cool, unnatural and moron-like. Freaks me out. He either has a highly shallow or dark soul behind his ridiculous Blippi personality.

    1. That’s what I’m saying! It’s off putting. I know that kids love that, but it gives me the ookies. I can’t put my finger on anything actually wrong which almost makes it worse I think 😬

    2. Yaaaassssss. All of that! Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it like that. Moron-like. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Exactly. It’s so incredibly irritating. He acts so stupid.

    3. What weirds me out most about him is how he kinda like never really interacts with the kids that wonder into the fun zones he’s filming in. He always seems oddly annoyed with them and he seems to wanna get far away from them

      1. To be fair, that is most likely due to a number of logical reasons, e.g., 1) the children became unwitting participants in a television production so he wants to respect their privacy and/or parent’s wishes, 2) the shows are not scripted and filmed with a low budget so he wants to limit the number of retakes due to unplanned disruptions 3) safety concerns for the children, 4) again, the children are not paid cast members of the show, so they are entering the filming area of their own accord with no rights to compensation for said interactions with the show’s host.

        No reason to fault the guy… it’s jyts a smart business move.

        1. I’ve seen almost everything this guy’s put out and I don’t think he’s ever done more than one take of anything.

    4. This….100%

      Something about him is so off putting and I couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was…until this post. His entire “act” comes across just like that…an act. It’s like I’m preparing myself to see his story on True Crime Daily or 20/20 in ten years or so for violating a child or something. I could be totally wrong but as a kid I couldn’t stand Peewee Herman when everyone else around me loved him.

    5. Yes, exactly this. His fake little laugh makes me cringe every time, he acts like an adult sized toddler with his little dances and he is just too fake for me to appreciate any educational goodness there may be. Plus, there are a ton of great educational series that don’t train your kids to spell Blippi. The fact that Blippi is the first word that my child has learned to spell does not make me happy. i would rather he watch less educational shows that were more genuine and didn’t make me fear my child would run up to weirdly dressed men in the hopes they are like Blippi.

    6. Oh for sure. He’s obviously condescending rather than relatable to kids. He needs to have kids of his own and actually value them before doing this show. As things are you can see and hear that he’s there for the money and likely hates little kids all together.

  28. Thank the Lord someone made a post like this and there are other commenters who feel the same way!!!! You have no idea how much solace I have found in this post and the above comment by Jessica.
    I totally agree with you about the wholesome thing. Blippi generally means well, I think. But yeah, WTH with the obnoxious behavior like the aforementioned water balloon “fight” (which was more like water balloon assault by a jerk), the insane over-the-top self obsession (okay I get that he’s trying to promote his channel and his brand obviously, but does he have to appear on the screen every time one of those actually good cartoon song parts play? Like why is an actual image of him dancing across a cartoon song?
    My son freaking LOVES him. And honestly, on a good day when I’m not sleep deprived and stretched thin, I can kinda feel a little bit of love for Blippi too. You can tell he cares about children, and that I like. But his voice. The WHOAs and the obnoxious dancing and bizarre noises he makes and to be perfectly honest, the facial hair weirds me out too. It’s like he has this weird shadow of a beard at all times, but it’s not a 5 o’clock shadow really. Strange looking on a man dressed like that.
    Whew. Okay. I just have to thank you for giving me the opportunity to make this insane long rant on Blippi. I hope this diatribe of a mad single mother finds you all very well.
    (And Blippi, if you ever read this, I honestly do appreciate you from the bottom of my curmudgeonly heart.)

    1. Yassss the stubble!!! Like I feel like he shouldn’t have that too.. Blippi is definetly a creepatow, I find myself thinking all kinds of horrible thoughts when I watch home with my daughter.. like he’s got some real secrets behind all this stupidity!

    2. My husband and I are the proud parents of a sweet 2-year old who has recently adopted Blippi as his show of choice. For what it’s worth, that water balloon fight is the funniest thing we have seen on the show to date. The hubby and I still chuckle out loud thinking about it. The girl was such a good sport and they are clearly friends/ coworkers so she knew what she was agreeing to. It made the episode. Maybe you have the right sense of humor, which that girl clearly does. Again, hilarious, and made the show more real and genuinely fun to watch. More of that please, Blippi.

  29. alright guys… I gotta point out… there is a ton of stuff wrong with Blippi… first of all he doesn’t clean up his messes, he litters ALL THE TIME!! He writes his name in huge letters over kids names on chalk boards. He challaged a lady to a water balloon fight and when she accepted and asked how many balloons she got to have, he laughed and said none! Then proceeded to throw them at her while she was unarmed… The thing that gets under my skin more than anything and I can’t believe no one else is outraged about this… in the senses episode he sprays an aerosol can and takes a deep breath of it… ummm HELLO… Huffing is a serious and horrible thing… kids should NOT be playing with aerosol cans!!! EVER!!! oh and he claims to be against guns but there are several episodes where there is a toy guns at a play places and he talks about loading them and shooting the guns. which might not be such a big deal but he talks so much about how you will never see him play with guns because he’s a safe space for children… I really can’t believe no one else is bothered by all this… someone needs to call him out. Like yesterday…

    1. I did got upset about that balloon fight, was in fact what made me search for this “Blippi hate” blog, I was already outraged about other videos of him

    2. Jessica- I couldn’t agree more!!! My 2 1/2 yr old discovered Blippi last month and is obsessed with him. Yes, I like that he teaches kids to count, their colors and more “adult” words. But that’s where my “liking” him stops. I was happy (yet disappointed) to see at least one person on here that feels the same way about his lack of manners. My daughter was doing pretty well when it came to clean up time until she found his youtube channel. She completely refuses to clean up after herself now. Not even if I suggest that we clean up together. I have resulted in having to put her toys into “toy jail” until she preforms a “good” task to earn them back. I know its the parents “job” to teach their children what is right and what is wrong but it (he) makes it so much harder to instill good manners when his character contradicts everything I’m trying to teach her!

  30. I think every parent can relate to your feelings on this! There are so really really annoying kids TV out there!

  31. Oh LORD! I’m so glad I’m not the only parent who HATES BLIPPI! My kids would watch this show all day every day if I’d let them! ARGH!

      1. You’re an idiot. People are allowed to “weirdly in shape” and he loves kids. Be thankful he makes fun stuff for kids to watch so you can “make dinner in peace” God. Make an blog about a REAL issue.

  32. lol, this makes me glad that I don’t have young kids – mine are in their teens and twenties. But I know how you feel, I can still hear Dora in my head “Swiper stop swipping!” Aaahhhgh! Blessings!

    1. Oh man. When I was a daycare teacher back in college we used to show Dora early in the morning while the kids were just waking up… I remember having the backpack song stuck in my head all the stinking time… I do not miss those days haha