Are You There Blippi? It’s Me, and I Hate You

If you have children, you know that they have a tendency to really latch on to something and it becomes obsessive pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s a movie (ours was Trolls for a while), a song (We Know The Way from Moana), or a concept (my child gets totally stoked whenever he sees or hears a train). This newest thing my kid is into, Blippi – I just don’t totally know how to cope with it.

His name is Blippi and he makes YouTube videos. He seems like he’s probably my age, but he plays with toys and teaches lessons and visits kid places… and like cool. He’s wholesome. There’s nothing wrong with Blippi. I’ve watched every single video my child has watched and so far I can’t find a single real complaint. I just… He weirds me out a little? At first I was 100% convinced that this dude was a youth pastor just trying to work out his side hustle. He’s got that hipster-y, single dude who takes your kids to convention vibe. (No offense to youth pastors, I just have this idea that every single one of you is actually this guy) But… he’s not a youth pastor. He’s like some random dude that created a personality and I don’t know if that’s better or worse.

And okay fine. Asher was watching him the other day and wanted to eat fruit because Blippi was eating fruit. Ugh one for Blippi. Then Blippi was teaching all about stranger danger and got my kid to say “no strangers”. Whatever. Two for Blippi. Then We watched this video where he’s going around a playground gathering things and he’s so like… weirdly in shape? Like I couldn’t even do the monkey bars that well when I was a 90 pound kid?? Watch the first 5 minutes of this and see what I mean.

The problem is that there is actually no real problem here. And to be fair, maybe regular people are actually in shape enough to do that stuff and I just have no concept of what that’s like. His videos are educational, my kid loves them, they’re well done and safe to watch. So whyyyy do I still have such mixed feelings about him? I don’t know man. Like if I met him in real life I don’t know if I’d smack him right in his overenthusiastic face or kiss him right on the mouth for distracting my kid long enough to let me cook dinner In peace. Either way he would very likely make his mind up about me, and probably block me from his YouTube channel, creating a permanent rift between me and my 2-year-old, so I guess let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Here’s to at least another two years of simmering animosity toward a YouTube personality that just wants to make money off my kid by being wholesome.

That is all.

17 thoughts on “Are You There Blippi? It’s Me, and I Hate You

  1. lol, this makes me glad that I don’t have young kids – mine are in their teens and twenties. But I know how you feel, I can still hear Dora in my head “Swiper stop swipping!” Aaahhhgh! Blessings!

    1. Oh man. When I was a daycare teacher back in college we used to show Dora early in the morning while the kids were just waking up… I remember having the backpack song stuck in my head all the stinking time… I do not miss those days haha

  2. Oh LORD! I’m so glad I’m not the only parent who HATES BLIPPI! My kids would watch this show all day every day if I’d let them! ARGH!

      1. You’re an idiot. People are allowed to “weirdly in shape” and he loves kids. Be thankful he makes fun stuff for kids to watch so you can “make dinner in peace” God. Make an blog about a REAL issue.

  3. I think every parent can relate to your feelings on this! There are so really really annoying kids TV out there!

  4. alright guys… I gotta point out… there is a ton of stuff wrong with Blippi… first of all he doesn’t clean up his messes, he litters ALL THE TIME!! He writes his name in huge letters over kids names on chalk boards. He challaged a lady to a water balloon fight and when she accepted and asked how many balloons she got to have, he laughed and said none! Then proceeded to throw them at her while she was unarmed… The thing that gets under my skin more than anything and I can’t believe no one else is outraged about this… in the senses episode he sprays an aerosol can and takes a deep breath of it… ummm HELLO… Huffing is a serious and horrible thing… kids should NOT be playing with aerosol cans!!! EVER!!! oh and he claims to be against guns but there are several episodes where there is a toy guns at a play places and he talks about loading them and shooting the guns. which might not be such a big deal but he talks so much about how you will never see him play with guns because he’s a safe space for children… I really can’t believe no one else is bothered by all this… someone needs to call him out. Like yesterday…