Why being engaged is the hardest and most wonderful thing I’ve ever done.

I’m engaged! Yay! it’s wonderful and amazing and I am so happy with my fiance and my life. I’m planning a wedding, which is exciting, but more than that, I have an actual count down to when I can officially belong to my best friend (and he to me).

ringAs with all things, however, it is a learning experience. I am learning that being engaged is more wonderful than I could have imagined. I am loving the planning. The appointments, the registries, the purchases…. I love it. I have a binder even. What nobody told me about though… Is that once engaged, every issue that the two lovebirds has becomes magnified.

Being engaged is really hard. Up until now, my fiance and I have made it through with very few major disagreements. We’ve never fought for long and we’ve always been able to come to a relatively quick resolution. But now. Now there’s a start date to forever. Now you can see the starting line. Now you’re within arm’s length of the loading dock. I’m out of analogies.

The bottom line is that every little problem that was happening before is now an urgent question.

“Is this how it’s always going to be?” “Will I always engagedhave to deal with this?” “We he always be able to put up with me?” “Am I willing to live with these issues FOR THE REST OF MY LIFFFFEEEEEE????” Yeah I know it probably sounds dramatic but with a ring on your finger, drama doesn’t seem so crazy.

Here’s the good news though: being engaged may be hard, but it is infinitely more wonderful than it is hard. The idea that I get to plan out a life with my truest of loves is exhilarating. The fact that I get to share our love story with friends, family, strangers and anyone else who will listen is such a joy. spending time with my fiance just dreaming, planning, and enjoying each other is what drives me these days.

I love my fiance. I love him with all of the strength that my soul can muster. And I am so ready to fight for us. I am learning though, just what that truly means. And thank God that we have a loving God that cares about our joy and will help us every step of the way. Because without God, and without God giving us to each other, we would definitely fail.

That is all.

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