Do we have double standards for marriage?

Alright. So I think this has probably already been established, bu t I like weird things. I watch weird things, I read weird things, and I write about weird things. So in that vein… I’ve been watching Sister Wives lately. The show about the polygamous marriage of a Mormon family? I know. Weird.

PrintIt’s like this normal family… regular kids, regular clothes, regular traditions… but multiple wives. One man, four wives.

But why is it illegal?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with it. I think it’s strange and I sure as heck  don’t think I could ever do it. ha. But seriously why is the law involved? This family, with high social standards, high morals, and a deep religious belief ringssystem, became the target of a police investigation and had to uproot their family and move out of state. Here is my thing: It’s not illegal to shack up. It’s not illegal for gay couples to live together. It’s not illegal for unwed couples to have children. So why is it illegal for this man to take more than one wife?

I know that all the world is exposed to is the tax fraud, the child brides, and the forced marriages. But this marriage… it’s not like that. These women chose polygamy. They want it. They like it. So why the heck does the government care? I’m sure someone could come up with a convincing argument, but really. If any old guy can have any sister-wives1-620x348old girlfriend and live in any old house and have any old kids… then why are these committed, religious people being targeted?

I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I believe in one man, one woman. I believe that divorce is wrong and living together unmarried is a sin. But I believe that if society and the government don’t believe in it, then these people who are doing their best should not be under any more scrutiny than the average unwed couple living together. Correct me if I’m wrong.

That is all.

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