I won’t stop writing about Christmas. And you can’t make me.

Alright. So I’ve come up with just a few more things to love about Christmas. (And you thought it wasn’t possible.)

Last night we had our Student Congress party and as I was co-emceeing (that’s a real word?) I began to recognize a few more of the joys of the season.

  1. Tearing wrapping paper apart. I love it so much. Even when there isn’t a gift inside, the feeling of tearing wrapping paper is definitely the most gratifying feeling on earth. Even more so than getting all green lights on the way home or teaching a baby the preamble to the constitution. Something about the sound and feel of it makes me want to jump into the air and shout “hooray!” In fact, I usually do. Almost every time.

2.Contests. Ugly sweater contests, tree decorating contests, gift wrapping contests… It’s all a giant contest to see who is better at Christmas. I’m pretty good at it myself.

  1. Santa pictures. Normally, sitting on the lap of a grown man asking me what presents I want would be super creepy, but something about the red suit makes it perfectly acceptable. Also, Santa is so jolly. And to all those people who think that the Santas at the mall are not the real deal, anyone wearing a red suit is Santa Claus himself. How on earth could all those different men have white beards and say “ho ho ho”?? It’s totally the same guy.

  2. And finally, decorating. It’s just so much fun to throw glitter and paper snowflakes all over every flat surface and from every hanging light fixture. It’s too much fun. I just love having the music on, making pretty things, and beautifying a room.

Well, I’m sure there is more about Christmas that I love, but for now…

That is all.

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