5 lessons I’ve learned from Christmas parties

Okay so… ’tis the season to plan and go to a hundred Christmas parties.

Now, I love Christmas parties. Seriously, they are totally the best. But at this point, two weeks before the semester ends, Christmas parties are happening more than homework is. (I mean, I’m doing way more homework than partying, mom…) Anyway, at one point, I will be going to three parties in three days. In the wake of all of this chaos, I have learned a few valuable lessons that may help you as you plan your own shindigs and get-togethers. Hopefully, I can save you some stress. Probably not though. I’m not very good at stress relieving. But I digress.

1. Christmas lights will always get tangled. No matter what you do, or how you store them, or how many spells you may cast upon them, Christmas lights will, without fail, tangle into knots and cause great strife. Just know that.

  1. Nobody likes the Christmas music you like. Sure, everyone can agree on what to listen to, but every person will have a different opinion of what “good” Christmas music is. Christmas music is like regular music, in that there are different genres, but it all has Christmas-y lyrics. Let no one fool you into thinking that “Christmas” is a genre. That is just way too vague.

  2. Ugly sweater contests are all about the patterns. You can have as many Christmas kittens adorning your sweatshirt as your little heart can handle, but the 1990’s inspired, my-sewing-machine-threw-up patterns are what are going to take the cake. Or the $5 gift card. Oh, and uh… vests. Those are great for the ugly sweater contests.

  3. Decorating gingerbread houses = Instant party success. And a huge mess. It’s always going to be a success, but be prepared for some serious clean-up. That whole, reverting to childhood by making gingerbread houses applies to the messiness of children too.

5. And somehow, there is always glitter. Everywhere. Even if you aren’t using glitter,  holiday parties will leave glitter in your carpet, on your pants, in your hair, and coming out of your eyeballs. Glitter, glitter. Everywhere.

Well anyway, I hope that this has been informative. Also, I would like to just say… I love Christmas. I guess you already know that though.

That is all.

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