8 things I love about Christmas

Christmas… Is… Just… Around… The… Corner…. I can hardly contain myself!!!

I haven’t made a list in a while, so I’m going to make a list of all of my favorite things about Christmas. An abbreviated list, of course, because a full list would take up all the space on the interwebs. So here goes.

Things I love about Christmas (In no particular order):

1. The smells.

It smells cold outside. It smells warm inside. And in case that makes no sense, which I imagine it probably doesn’t, It smells like fresh, clean air outside and overwhelmingly familiar smells inside. Cinnamon, pine, mistletoe, sugar cookies, berries, hot cocoa… Those are just some of the smells that make me wish it were possible to swim in scents. No matter where you go, or what particular tree you have, or what candles you burn, or what cookies you make… Everyone knows what Christmas smells like.

2. The sounds.

Every person listens to their own variation of Christmas music, yes. But the point is, the songs are all the same. I never get tired of hearing the same eight to ten songs everywhere I go. Because no matter if it’s jazzy, or poppy, or sucky (talking about you, Josh Groban), the songs are all imploring us to smile and be happy because everyone else is sharing the same familiar memories that we are. And beyond music, there is laughter, and jingle bells, and “ho ho ho”s, people asking for money, and annoying retail prisoners shouting “sale sale sale!!!” and I don’t even get irritated! It’s all so beautiful.

3. The fashion.

Now, I’ve lived in places where it snows like crazy, and I’ve lived in places where most of the locals have never seen snow. But one thing never changes… Sweaters. I. Love. Sweaters. I love cute little girls in cozy sweaters, I love big, burly guys in handsome sweaters, I love classy women in fancy sweaters, I love emo kids in black sweaters, I love preppy kids in expensive sweaters. I love over-sized sweaters, I love snug fitting sweaters. I love striped sweaters and polka-dotted sweaters. I love sweater vests. I love sweater socks. I love sweater tights. (yes, that’s a thing.) Did I mention I love sweaters? Well I do. And boots. Every human on earth seems to have some pair of boots that they dust off at Christmas time and pair with a nice sweater. It’s really my favorite look. And everyone jumps on board.

4. The feels.

I love the feel of warm blankets and a dog snuggled up on the couch next to you. I love the feel of a Christmas tree poking you when you put on ornaments. I love the feel of hugs from the people you love the most and people you don’t even really know that well. (Hello, family I’ve never met.) I love the feel of gloves and scarves and rosy cheeks. I love the feel of petting donkeys at live manger scenes. I love the feel of costumes for a Christmas play. Feel is a weird word.

5. The sights.

Christmas trees everywhere, kids out of school, manger scenes both stunning and trashy, snowmen, fake and real, wreaths, mistletoe, snowflakes, and a different Santa Clause every time you blink. I love that some Santa’s just don’t even look like Santa. I love Christmas movies and daytime Christmas TV specials. I love when Christmas is quirky and poorly put together, and I love when Christmas is enchanting and breathtaking. I love seeing presents under the tree and I love seeing cars in the driveway. I love the mall and the local shops… It’s all so gorgeous.

6. The unity.

I love love love that everyone on earth (an exaggeration I know) gets into Christmas. And yes, I know that for some people, Christmas is the worst time of year, for whatever reason. And to those, my heart goes out. But for those of us who love Christmas, we really, really love our Christmas. Everyone and their mom is telling you “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Holidays!” or “Get your hands off those limited edition Dancing with the Stars earmuffs! I saw them first!” And we all just smile and say “You too!” Perfect strangers genuinely wish you the best at Christmas time. It’s so sweet.

7. The tastes.

Now, this may all seem like it goes along with the smells or sights, but seriously. Christmas would not be Christmas without the tastes. Only at Christmas do the pepper jelly and club crackers come out of hiding and make a new home on my counter. Only at Christmas are all of my favorite candies in red and green. Only at Christmas does no one look at you with utter disgust when you take one of every kind of seasonal dessert. Only at Christmas does everyone’s favorite aunt make their famous pink stuff. And only at Christmas do I get to stop pretending I’m on a diet.

8. Finally, the memories.

Christmas is different each year, but one thing never changes: it’s the best. People that we share it with may come and go, and traditions will shift and change, but all throughout December, it is Christmas. On December 25th, we celebrate by opening presents. We go see our families, we reminisce about old memories, we make new memories, we hold fast to our own family’s traditions, we shop, we sing, we laugh, we love, we share. We read the Christmas story, we give thanks to God. We hold each other close, and we put everything else in our life aside to  enjoy these special moments.

Christmas, obviously, is my favorite time of year. A long-standing and glorious tradition, Christmas will always serve to bring people together. And hopefully, it will always stand to glorify the God who it is celebrating. at least for me it will. because if i never got one present, I get the amazing beauty that is Christmas time. And so does everyone else.

51 days!

That is all.

12 thoughts on “8 things I love about Christmas

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  3. #1…I recommend Harry Connick, Jr… The first one
    #2…I recommend Little Lord Fauntleroy
    #3…I recommend cream cheese frosting on your Christmas cookies
    #4…Man I miss that tree!