He’s on Fire!

You know, when one thinks about the things that can cause a fire, Golf probably isn’t on that list. Or at least it wasn’t. Until today.

A golfer, whose name is being kept confidential (lucky for him) was just minding his own business when… whap! His golf club struck a rock and caused a spark which created a 25 acre forest fire. In case you were wondering, “whap” is the sound of metal on rock.

Go ahead and file this one under “Freak Accidents relating to golf and forest fires”. It’s a really small file. Seriously though, even Smokey the bear was probably like “I don’t know man… I don’t think you could have prevented this one.”

It’s almost as bad as the time that… yeah I got nothing. This is pretty bad. I hope the guy can recover from this eternal embarrassment.

That is all.

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