Here’s looking at you, kid (a poem assignment)

So the other day I was in my mom’s classroom. She had to step out for a minute, so I was in charge. Those darned kids would not be quiet. So, being the idealistic and eager future teacher that I am, I decided to use it as an opportunity. “Get out a piece of paper. Write me a poem. Minimum ten lines.” So they did. And I want to share a few of those with you.

They range from silly…

Once upon a time a goose drank coke and a monkey played a fiddle on a sweet potato vine.
The vine broke, the monkey got choked, and they all went to heaven on a little steamboat.

to humorous…

The cereal was out.
So I started to pour the cereal.
The cereal went into the bowl.
So then I got out the milk.
The milk went into the bowl.
Then I said “wait.”
I needed a spoon.
Then I put the spoon in.
Then I ate it up.
So I started my day.

to downright hilarious…

The Twinkie. Oh the Twinkie was in the microwave.
I set the timer on 45 seconds.
When the time ran out it exploded.
Yellow and white it was all nice.
I wasn’t all nice when Steve got home.
When he got home he made me pick it up.
The next day I did it again.
But the microwave exploded.
Then he got home and we had to buy a new one.
Then I did it again.
And the house exploded.
Then I ran away.

Oh man. Those kids crack me up. The poem I am most impressed with however, doesn’t come from a student you would expect. He is quiet and shy… He’s kind but he struggles with his work. He wrote the most lovely poem. It’s called “My Good Morning”.

My Good Morning
The morning arrives and I finally wake up.
My mom calls me for breakfast.
The two dogs are up and awake.
The neighbors are up drinking coffee.
My mom makes me get dressed.
I get to the car.
We’re driving down the road.
Then I wave to everyone.
I get to school and unpack.
Then I start my day.

I love the simplicity of this. He enjoys every part of his morning. The dogs, the neighbors drinking coffee… I don’t think he understands how beautiful this is. Now maybe, he was just recounting the events of the morning. But a lot of kids wake up, have some crazy sugary pop tars, yell at their moms, forget their homework, and fight with their siblings all before they get to school. Not him. He takes everything in, calmly and completely. He, at his young age, chooses to enjoy the still sweetness of his life.

I want to do that. And with God’s help, we all can.

That is all.

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