Sometimes a hug is the best way to fight crime

So we’ve all seen movies or tv shows where a bank is getting robbed. The perpetrator comes up to the teller and says “give me all your money.” Sometimes, there is a hero who steps in and saves the day. Usually its by some cunning move to disarm the criminal or by out powering him in a dramatic struggle which displays our hero’s superiority.

In real life, though, what happens is often less predictable. Police encourage bystanders not to get involved because many things could go wrong. Yesterday however, one man decided to be a hero. An unconventional hero.

Victor Fernandez, attempted to rob a San Francisco bank. As the robber reached into his pocket, presumably to procure a weapon, our hero Kim Komenich grabs him from behind and subdues him in a giant bear hug. Apparently this kept the criminal under control for more than ten minutes until the police arrived.

What’s interesting is that Komenich said that Fernandez did not struggle, but simply went limp in the engulfing embrace.

Sure, Komenich is pretty huge… but the fact that the criminal didn’t struggle at all? Pretty strange. It’s almost as if he has just been waiting his whole life for a meaningful hug.

Just goes to show you that we could all use just a little more love in our lives. And I guess it also shows us that more of us should try to fight evil with hugs? Ehh… that might be a stretch.

Anyway I’d like to think that maybe this man has been starved for affection his whole life. Maybe all he has ever needed was the warmth of an embrace. Maybe I’m being silly. Maybe he just didn’t want to have to fight a big guy. I’m gonna say that his life will be totally changed from now on, for the better. Komenich may have just not only saved a bank teller’s life, he may have reformed a criminal. Only time can tell.

Peace, love, and hugs. The end.